Posted On: November 30, 2010 - By admin
Yamaha NESBA Demo

Yamaha teamed up with NESBA several years ago.  The relationship has been a good one thus far.  NESBA offers a $350 trackday pass good with the purchase of any new Yamaha sportbike which I think is a very cool idea.  We have them at our store.  It encourages people to get out and use their new sportbike for its intended purpose.  For the sake of this article I will be putting my personal issues with NESBA on hold (very bad experience with a control rider at a trackday).  NESBA runs a tight ship for the most part.  They are the biggest trackday organization in the country.  They host days all over.  I had a few friends that were riding and I figured I’d get out and snap some pics.  I know the gentleman that owns Putnam Park as well so it was a good excuse to get out and see whats new with him.

Instructors Follow The Students At Speed To Check Their Progress


Instructors Follow The Students At Speed To Check Their ProgressYamaha NESBA DemoTrack with Yamaha/NESBA DemoHaving attended a Yamaha/NESBA demo day at Barber Motorsports Park