Posted On: November 30, 2010 - By admin
Yamaha NESBA Demo

Yamaha teamed up with NESBA several years ago.  The relationship has been a good one thus far.  NESBA offers a $350 trackday pass good with the purchase of any new Yamaha sportbike which I think is a very cool idea.  We have them at our store.  It encourages people to get out and use their new sportbike for its intended purpose.  For the sake of this article I will be putting my personal issues with NESBA on hold (very bad experience with a control rider at a trackday).  NESBA runs a tight ship for the most part.  They are the biggest trackday organization in the country.  They host days all over.  I had a few friends that were riding and I figured I’d get out and snap some pics.  I know the gentleman that owns Putnam Park as well so it was a good excuse to get out and see whats new with him.

Having attended a Yamaha/NESBA demo day at Barber Motorsports Park


Instructors Follow The Students At Speed To Check Their ProgressYamaha NESBA DemoTrack with Yamaha/NESBA DemoHaving attended a Yamaha/NESBA demo day at Barber Motorsports Park