2017 Volvo S80 – A Perfect Combination of Safety and Luxury

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2017 Volvo S80 Interior

The 2017 Volvo S80 offer luxury, style and comfort. The suspension is highly advanced. It offers a comfortable ride and feels extremely smooth on the highway. Besides this, Volvo’s safety measures lead the automobile industry. This model contains standard amenities such as an extremely advanced air quality system, Infrared reflective windshield, rain sensing wipers, exterior metallic paints, heated front seats and a more advanced DVD entertainment system. Exclusively available in 2017 model are optional rear refrigerator which includes five glasses along with a shelf compartment. The most basic standard features include Bi-Xenon headlights, fog lights, and four C-Chassis.

2017 Volvo S80 Interior

Safety is what Volvo is famous for and 2017 Volvo S80 touch new levels. With anti-whiplash seats, side curtain and impact airbags and a modern seat structure that is more that is computer designed and impact resistant, this model achieves the most desired five star crash test rating inside, front and back collisions. 2017 Volvo is sleeker, and the S80 led that Swedish innovation that was applied to all the Volvo cars, even to the most famous XC90 SUV. The latest model also has soft lines with slightly sloping hood, gently bowed roofline, and a bowl-like rear window.

2016 Volvo S80 Price

It’s 2.0 liters 4 cylinder engine is a grand workhorse and is very efficient. Fitted with an automatically cooled turbocharger, the 3.0 T makes around 215 Horsepower but feels like more. The speed sensitive pinion and rack gives it a lighter touch and balance in the curves. In addition to all the above mentioned things, it also comes with Dynamic Stability and Traction Control, one of the latest and most sophisticated stability control system available on the face of the earth.

The front wheel drive of 2017 Volvo S80 is equipped with the latest Continuous Controlled Chassis System which monitor acceleration, speed and then adjust the hydraulic shock absorbers for either sports control or comfort, depending on the position you select. The mechanism can absorb the shocks up to 60 times in a second. With its latest technology radiator, the S80 is an environmental friendly model with a unique coating that converts up to 90% of the Ozone it encounters into Oxygen.

Its interior air conditioning system consists of a sensors and filters. The sensors register the existence of Carbon Mono-Oxide, Nitrogen Oxide and shut the air intake if the concentration is too high. With its performance and unique set of safety standards, it would come as no surprise if the car reaches the top of its class S60.

2017 Volvo S80 Exterior

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