Posted On: March 26, 2016 - By admin
RHD MKIV Toyota Supra

Met up with Mike to take him down to Pride to see the other S15 being built with some twin turbo hotness. Mike’s poor S15 and Jersey’s highways are no match for his drop, I think between Route 78, Parkway and Turnpike the poor exhaust must of scraped at least 50 times. Mike is a Nissan guy and if you check our May issue you will his taste in cars. Upon arriving at Pride and bottoming out in their driveway like no other , you are greeted by a RHD FD, a Midnight Purple R34, and just getting his green papers a RHD MKIV Toyota Supra. Now back to this awesomeness of the S15, this motor is just stock with a little more psi is real torquey. We were both impressed with the motor being that he only has had it in possession for a week and coming from a 5spd S14 240 vert to a S15 6spd Silvia is like Xmas in August. I think we could have driven around all day bottoming out if we didn’t have to get back to the women or all hell would of broken loose. The S15 is definitely my favorite tuner car and driving around with Mike today just proved I’m not crazy. The scary thing is the S15 is the normal car when the S13 Silvia  comes out next season it will turn more heads than the S15. Keep up the vision Mike and get Team NSU in that garage with you to turn some wrenches.

RHD MKIV Toyota Supra

2 Photos of the TEAM NSU’S S15 SILVIA