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street life tour kilkare

Street Life Tour is the one of the fastest growing shows of its kind in the country.  They offer a very unique base of activities for the crowd in attendance as well as the guys/girls competing in one of the many competitions.  StreetLife Tour is one of the only places that you can see everything from DJ’s and live music, extreme sports, all the way to drag and drift racing.  Its a show to be seen if your’e in the scene for sure.

The coverage we are bringing you is from Kilkare Speedway in Xenia, Ohio (lolhio).  JC Robinson from GarageSpec Magazine was on site for the whole show.  Lots of guys showed up for the drift competition this year.  Our boy Miro from the Northeast showed up.  Local hero Brooks Church was there. As well as Mike Skudlarek, Bill Cook, and Mike Feiock who all competed in the MidwestDriftUnion this season.  Skudlarek and Feiock both received their Formula Drift licenses this season.  I was fortunate to share the track a few times with these guys during this season.

The main draw for us to Street Life Tour was the drifting.  There is a lot of stuff going on for just one guy to photograph.  Next season we will be sure to have more than one photographer there just so we can get a little more diverse coverage.  Mad props to JC on the drifting photos though, they are top notch.  Drifting is the most fun and challenging thing to shoot in my opinion, and JC made it look easy.  Enjoy

Street Life Tour 2012


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