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Michael’s VIP Style Acura TL

I have seen this car grow since it’s infant stages and thought it would be nice to share with our readers the stages of building a car Rodney went through since he bought the car brand spanking new in 2006. I met Rodney in 2006 and at the time the car was fitted with a set of 20″ Falken Koblenz and looked fresh. If you ever met Rodney you know he never settles and is always thinking about the next mod, and sold the Falkens and went with a set of 20″ Sevas 55 also in black. In 2007 became a member of the now parted Tristatevip crew and began the planning of how to make an Acura TL a ViP Style car. To all the ViP gurus out there we all know to have a car even classified ViP it must be a platform car like a Lexus or Infiniti ( Toyota & Nissan in the land of the rising sun ) and RWD to be able to fit the aggressive staggered fitment wheels. By no means did anyone on the crew or Rodney think this was going to be an easy task to change the mindset of the “rules” of building a ViP car. Then in 2008 he really got bit by the ViP bug and fitted his car with a set of 20″AME Shallen FX that were aggressive for an Acura TL and lowered his car even more. He was still not satisfied; most would of been satisfied with the AME but not Rodney he said “I’m going in” and the full ViP Style Acura went in for a complete transformation. He sent the car to Dreammakers Kustom in Endicott NY who are the best of the best of building cars and radiused the fenders, molded the bumpers to fit the Lexus LS460 mufflers ;therefore Rodney can fit the most aggressive set of wheels to have been fitted on an Acura TL at the time 19×10 front and 19×11 rear Leon Hardiritt Ordens. To complete the style , he installed a custom Airrunner suspension with Dakota Digital Auto Leveling system to handle the NYC potholes for this daily driven ViP monster. Once the car was revealed in the spring of 2009 , it did nothing but turn heads as if Kim Kardashian was in the building. The car was definately the most talked about car in his new crew LibertyViP against the other platform cars in the crew. The car has been featured in Honda Tuning and PASMag and numerous online blogs.  In life like most things after time all things must come to an end and “Leche” is for sale. I for one hate to see this car be sold as I have seen it from it’s baby stages but knowing Rodney the next car will be just as ingenious. Good luck Rodney on your next build.


Wheels & Brakes

  • Super Star – Leon Hardiritt – 3-Piece – Staggered (F: 19”x10” – R: 19”x11”)
  • Tires: F: 235/35/19 & R: 265/30/19
  • Rotora BBK (RED) – 13” Rotors w/ 4 Piston Calipers


  • Air Runner – Air Suspension w/ Dakota Digital Auto Leveling System (Pressure & Height Based) with wireless remote control – No mater the weight distribution within the car, it auto adjusts to remain level. Pancake air tank and 8-Valve Solenoid Assembly.
  • Progress Rear Sway Bar – 24mm w/ Energy Grease able Bushings
  • Skunk2 Pro Series Front Camber Arms
  • Ingalls Rear Camber Kits


  • Custom body work performed to fit (VIP Style) the very aggressive wheels that were pre-purchased and used as a measuring tool for body work symmetry. The goal was to ride as low as possible while keeping the wheels as flush as possible to the fender edge. All the fenders and quarter panels were widened and radius’ed using all steel work. The inner fenders were also modified to eliminate any rubbing issue. The widening was performed while keeping the car’s original body lines. The car is almost 6” wider, but it’s barely noticeable, unless another TL is parked next to it.
  • Front Acura Aspec lip was molded to the front bumper one inch (1”) lower.
  • Rear Type S Aspec lip was fitted to the rear bumper while retrofitting Lexus LS460 muffler tips and making it look like it came from factory that way.
  • Rear Body sidemarker was shaved/eliminated to give the car a sleeker look.
  • Custom Retrofitted Quad Projector Headlights – ZKW Lenses & Custom cutoff.
  • LED Door Handles – Custom
  • Sarona Roof Spoiler
  • 6,000K HID – Reverse Lights
  • 6,000K HID – Headlights
  • 3,000K HID – in Custom Retrofitted auxiliary projector in headlights.
  • Switchback LED Front Signal Bulbs
  • Blinking & Switchback Side Markers
  • Train Horns
  • 35% Tint


  • Suede Engine Cover
  • Outlaw Engineering – Thermal Blok Intake Manifold Spacers
  • P2R Throttle Body Spacer
  • Unorthodox Racing – Light Weight Crank Pulley Sc
  • Chromed Intake Manifold Cover


  • Suede (Perforated) Headliner and Pillars
  • Suede (Perforated) Door Panel Inserts
  • Custom Trunk and Back Deck – Suede
  • Custom Matching Wood Pieces
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • Acura Aluminum Racing Pedals

Audio & Video

  • RF 3sixty.2 Audio OEM Integration
  • NAV2TV w/Rear View Camera
  • Peripheral Electronics iSimple – IPOD Integration w/Text
  • Pioneer – Single Din Size – 6-Disk DVD Changer in Rear Cup Holder
  • Critical Mass C652 tweeters Front & Rear with Emenence Midrange Components
  • Critical Mass RS5 – 5.25” Center Channel
  • (2) Alpine PDX 1.1000
  • (1) Alpine PDX 4.150
  • (1) Alpine PDX 2.150
  • (1) Kinetic 2400 – Rear
  • (1) Kinetic 1800 – Front
  • KP Tech Window Roll-Up Module

Vip Inspired Acura TL-S


Michael’s VIP Style Acura TLVip Inspired Acura TL-SAcura TL a ViP Style car