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Gspec – At XDC Englishtown

Yours truly had a chance to sit down and speak to XDC Drifter Miro Ovcharik and pick his brain about this year’s ups and downs plus the whole sport itself. I came out of this discussion with Miro is that he is a focused driver with nothing but an upside and we will seeing him catching podium one day consistently at Formula Drift and XDC events. Here is just a brief synapses of what was discussed.

Gspec – By your website Mirodrift you haven’t been driving competitively too long, yet this year I see such a vast improvement of your skills

Miro – Even though I haven’t been drifting that long I have always loved motorsports and began drifting since it was so fun to do. I began to go to Clubloose events and began to get better and better.

Gspec – What do you think was main difference between this year and last year

Miro- Last year I partied a lot as well as drive and this year I made sure I had enough sleep , with plenty of fluids in me to get through each event. I saw being fit , well rested , and more focused was the main difference plus the experience of a year under my belt.

Gspec – Why did you pick the LS1 over and SR20 or RB motor for your 240?

Miro – I wanted 300hp and more from a stock engine without the need for constant tuning.

Gspec – At XDC Englishtown in August the fans were looking for Jersey to sweep the podium since it’s our home track with our favorite drivers Miro, Steve Angerman and Mark Manansala against the world. What happened?

Miro- LOL , It would of been great but that’s the sport of drifting things can happen any day but at least Matt Waldin won and he is from Pennsylvania.

-More of this interview with Miro in an upcoming edition of GarageSpec Magazine and future shoots and talks with the future Formula Drift star Miro Ovcharik.

As you see when you want to get that win you go all out in your car.

Gspec – At XDC Englishtown


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