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McLarens, Lamborghini

A bunch of friends decided on a nice weekend to get together and open up their toys to their full capabilities. I know if I am going to spend 6 digits on a car, I would like to see if  I’m getting my monies worth. This Exotic Crew took a trip to a small air field to do just that, run their cars in a safe manner. You have your  ranging from 500-1200hp and then you have the uber rare and absolutely stunning SSC Ultimate Aero. The Ultimate Aero rated at 272mph is not just an exotic car but a Supercar. To keep this mean machine planted is a set of 335 tires in the rear. If you love cars, you’ll love the SSC Ultimate Aero. One of the most intriguing battles to me over the event was the M5 and C63 AMG. There are no winners or losers when these two lineup, just the never ending battle of Germany’s super sedans. Do you like the styling of the M5 or the amazing growl of the AMG? All is fun until someone gets hurt they say. Why would a Fiat line up against a GTR? As one fan said on our Facebook Fan Page ” Go home Fiat you’re drunk”. All in all it was a great event with McLarens, Lamborghini,Ferrari, Ford GT,Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and others representing on this day. It also doesn’t hurt when you have an amazingly stunning flag girl starting you off the line. I must say the the coordinator of this event did a very good job. Enjoy the coverage from our own JDS-Photos on the next page ,and don’t forget to comment here and /or the fan page.

McLarens, Lamborghini


SSC Ultimate Aero LamborghiniSSC Ultimate AeroMcLarens, Lamborghinicommon Nissan GTRC63 AMG