East Coast Bash 2012

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2013 East Coast Bash

This year’s Clubloose East Coast Bash has come and gone, but not without leaving a lasting impression on Grassroots Drifting. I have been shooting various drifting events for the past 5 years, and this weekend definitely falls into the top 5 best events I have ever shot. This year’s ECB had an exciting twist with Formula Drift Drivers Chris Forsberg and Tony Angelo providing ride alongs to the fans who donated to help support homeless dogs. This was such a hit, I think these guys drove as much as the B&C groups did during their sessions and I know the fans enjoyed it. We also had some media members screaming like little girls ( Kenny & Duy ) wanting to get a ride along in the Hankook Infiniti. There was such amazing driving by the Drift Alliance Team that I lost my voice from all the laughter and the awesomeness. The boys from north of the border Gold in the Net Drift Teams’ own Mats Baribeau and Mathieu Berthiaume came down in their amazing Toyotas; the Mark II and Cresta both sporting amazing 1JZ engines. These guys love Clubloose so much they passed over an event in their backyard to make the trip to Englishtown to join in on the shenanigans and amazing driving. I was also looking forward to seeing the Sikky guys since I haven’t seen them this year yet and they were as fun to watch as always. Mr. Lee Alexander got rid of the snail for some big V8 LSX action and his driving was amazing, I ran over to Lee a couple of times to shake his hand on the job he did Saturday. Rapper Dan Savage’s S14 truck looked so sick going around the course creating that smoke and getting sexy angles. When Drift Alliance wasn’t creating amazing multi car tandems the Sikky guys with Tanner Munson, Lee Alexander, Rapper Dan and Alan Brentzel were just getting Sikky with it and taking no prisoners. You have to watch out for that young gun Tanner he likes to violate your car if you don’t get out of his way. Lee and Jay Cyr became victims of Tanner’s aggression, but everyone can laugh after the battle to check out their damage. I think we need Tanner Was Here stickers since every event he’s abusing someone. If you didn’t know about Drift Faction before ECB after Saturday they left a stamp in your brain of their sick driving. Those boys came to play and put on a great show. I am beginning to think there is something in the water below the state of Delaware because who takes a Volvo wagon and throws a turbo LS1 in it to drift while still keeping the soccer mom stickers on the back, Jeff Lowry that’s who. If Jeff’s Volvo didn’t make you say WTF, how about Kiely in his 5spd swapped Lexus LS400. This Lexus besides the obvious was mostly stock and being a Lexus owner myself I felt proud watching this boat slide. Every ECB you tend to get a newbie to the gang and this year was no different but with a twist. This year we had a pretty blond with a pony creating mad angle on the back track. I am not talking about My Little Pony but Sarah Burgess in the BMI Ford Mustang. After watching her drive I think we looked at our girlfriends and wives to ask them why can’t they do that too. After a long day of shooting, I was able to watch the last run of the night and had a smile from ear to ear as if it was my first drift event. I would like to thank Hector for picking me up, the whole Clubloose Team and Staff for an amazing event and Canada eh for the hospitality. I know I can’t wait till the next event and already dying for 2013 East Coast Bash.

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