2015-2016 VW Amarok

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2015 volkswagen amarok Quotes

We buy it because it is cheaper and better than Touareg. Especially in the version Canyon

Did you know that of the large family of Volkswagen 2015 VW Amarok is for us the most “distant cousin”? Its birthplace is South America. There he collected there in the ground and sell. Overseas continent – a natural habitat for such as Amarok. Workhorses for all occasions.

 In Europe emigrated only a few thousand cars a year – we have among others. Have you ever met 2015-2016 VW Jetta, loaded with firewood, barrels or bags of cement? That’s it. We sometimes buy German truck simply because “it is cheaper than the Touareg, and looks better than Touareg”. And now there is a package Canyon, which Amarok well, quite steep. Canyon – it’s black wheels, tinted lights and black painted rear bumper. And in the cabin – two colors leather with orange stitching, plus orange rings on ducts and stripes on belts. Separately pay extra for “chandelier” on the roof and chrome arc in the back – and steeper you only South American Andes.

Pickup Volkswagen Commercial Division opened its newest model year version of 2015 VW Amarok Ultimate – richly equipped with a redesigned front end with new bi-xenon headlamps and extra chrome, and extended motor line. In Russia, a new top version of the pickup is expected in 2015.The basis for the new Amarok Ultimate became an embodiment of Amarok Highline. Changer leading Amarok version has bi-xenon headlamps with integrated LED strip. These lights along with two double chrome strips on the grill significantly change the appearance of “Amarok”. Notethat they now can be ordered for any other versions of pickup Volkswagen.

Volkswagen has announced plans to offer the new 2015 Volkswagen Amarok

9 Photos of the 2015-2016 VW Amarok

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