2015-2016 Audi S4

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2015 Audi S4 Sedan 3.0T Premium Plus 4dr

Flying towards the gray ribbon of asphalt winds among olive groves and the endless greenery. Mallorca almost no shoulders, and the right to exclude the error meter-high barriers of stone, neatly stacked along the road. What can you do, there are too many on the bright sun spoiled farmland. Now is not the season, so we can slightly neglected care and enjoy plenty of magical temperament 333 horsepower, easily and naturally shoots is not small wagon with a bright brand nameplates 2015 Audi S4. They not only work, but also to sing it under the hood – carefully calibrated tone three-liter V-shaped “six”, spurred by a mechanical supercharger. Hence the trembling in his hands and a sense of superiority, cultivated with nothing comparable to the sound issue after each jerky shift seven-speed S-tronic.

I am haunted by overwhelming desire to play, to try everything at once: a sports rear differential, active steering, electronically adjustable dampers. After a car like rigorous and intellectually savvy engineer who is ready to unleash at him all his achievements and even new puzzle, hitherto untested. I’m a little lost in this sea of ​​technical and other information, realizing the futility of attempts to grasp all at once. No, need to stop endlessly poking selection key settings and focus on something one.

When you get verified with open arms and sports at the same time quite spacious seats, believe in the correctness of racing instrument scales, feel the child is not a small steering elasticity, winding drive accelerator seems a little strange that such a car can be comfortable. This does not fit in the head and the body stiffens every time before the next hillock in anticipation of a strong shake. A suspension 2015-2016 Audi S5 knows you and spends the gentle waves and other flaws of the roadway.

2015 Audi S4 Sedan 3.0T Premium Plus 4dr

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